The below article will expand on the following two headline updates:

  1. Refreshed and improved Ticket/Story Points Flow (formally Timeline) metrics, allowing the creation of detailed visualisations - Burnup, Burndown, Flow, CFDs and much more.

  2. Commit metrics now have breakdowns and filters over ticket data, based on ticket reference linking. Allowing you to view commit data based on ticket fields such as Issue Type, Fix Version, Epic etc

Introducing Ticket/Story Points Flow

Ok, so we've rebranded our "Timeline" metrics, but at the same time we've made them much easier to understand and configure. Once you add one of our Flow metrics to your dashboard, you now simply need to apply a filter or sprint override to the context you are interested in, and then the visualization instantly comes to life.

Now you can use ticket fields to understand your repo metrics

The following metrics now have all your ticket data (currently defined in Plandek - you can add more!) available within their Breakdowns and Filters:

Commits without a Ticket Reference remains unchanged but is now more important than ever as it flags where you can't link commits/PRs to your ticket data.

The insights you can now gain from our repo metrics are extended across your whole delivery, so please explore the metrics and see which perspectives work for you.

As an example, within the Plandek delivery team we can now take a closer look at our Mean time to resolve PRs based on our releases (ie. Fix Versions in Jira):

Please let us know what you think of these updates and we're always keen to hear all your feedback on Plandek and how it's helping you in your everyday work 📈

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