The below article will expand on the following 3 new features:

  1. New Code Cycle Time metric - delivery time for pull requests is here! Understand the efficiency of your PR process and get a unique insight into which PR stages are taking the most time.

  2. New Created Pull Requests metric - as we extend out our engineering metrics we have added the ability to highlight the number of pull requests created on your code repositories.

  3. Introducing Dashboard Card Resizing - we've added 2 additional sizes of dashboard card, allowing you to fully bespoke the dashboard experience, giving different metrics more or less dashboard real estate.

New Code Cycle Time metric

This brand new metric zooms in on the Pull Request process and allows you to understand not only the elapsed time spent on PRs, but exactly which stages are taking the most time.

The start of the year is a great time to add renewed focus on some of your key practices, and code cycle time is perfect to help benchmark where you are currently and help drive team improvements as 2021 gets going.

Below is just a sample of the type of bespoke metrics you will be able to create:

Please note: This metric now supersedes the existing Mean time to resolves PRs, and as such we will be removing Mean time to resolve PRs from Plandek on 31st Jan 2021

New Created Pull Requests metric

With more code and repo related metrics on the way, we've listened to feedback around needing even more insights into Commits and PRs and we are pleased to add created pull requests as a metric in Plandek. It comes with all the usual breakdowns, filters and config you expect allowing you to create the bespoke perspective you'll need.

The below example plots the created PRs over time and displays the PR size (inserted lines) on the y-axis, which starts to flag some of the larger PRs being merged to your codebase and the repos they are affecting:

Introducing Dashboard Card Resizing

Say goodbye to the familiar 3 column dashboard format 👋 You now have the option of 3 sizes for each dashboard card; Medium (default size), Large & Extra Large. Small will be available in the future.

You'll find the option to resize in the bottom right of each card as you hover over each card, so please have a try and let us know if it helps build your perfect dashboard 😎

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