1. New Ticket Complexity metric - Using a variety of different code based measurements you are able to understand the complexity of completed tickets

  2. New Ticket Commit Hotspots metric - Highlights the relationship between tickets and the affected number of files in your codebase, showing the 'hotspots' across your repos

  3. New Code Knowledge metric - How well is knowledge spread across your engineering team(s)? By looking at the relationship between PR author and commenter we can find out

  4. Improvements to metric settings - collapse and expand each setting section as needed for a cleaner experience

New Code Complexity metric

Ticket complexity allows you to understand the relative complexity of your tickets using 3 different Units of Measurement, all based on the commits linked to your tickets; Changed Lines, Developers & Repositories.

One of our favourite use cases so far is to look at complexity by story points (above). We look at the number of developers involved in each ticket, then, when breaking down by story points we see a strong correlation between the story points value and complexity. This, in turn, highlights very effective estimation by this team, where their estimates are able to correctly predict the actual complexity of the work. How does your team fare?

New Ticket Commit Hotspot metric

Powered by our new Treemap visualisation you can quickly navigate your codebase and understand where the hotspots are. For example - Which repos, folders or files have the most change related to tickets? What are the top 10 changed files? Where do bugs/defects have the most impact on our repos?

New Code Knowledge metric

Introducing our first Chord Diagram visualisation showing the key relationship between engineers authoring PRs and those making comments against those PRs. How teams collaborate on pull requests is at the heart of any engineering team, and our Code Knowledge metric allows you to understand the dynamic of the team and where improvements could be encouraged.

Improvements to metric settings

Metric settings (⚙️) are now full collapsable and allow you to explore each setting as you need. Sections like Calculation and Filters will often expand when exploring the metric to draw attention to the action required or key filter settings. Otherwise, sections will be collapsed for a cleaner experience allowing you to focus on the metrics themselves.

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