This metric focuses in on the behaviours around a critical part of the development process - Pull Requests. Plandek will track the elapsed time between when a PR is opened and when it is merged or closed.

Breakdown and Filtering Options

As with all our metrics we have a broad selection of breakdowns and filters to allow you to tailor Mean time to resolve PRs to your various needs.

The first four options below are based on the PR data itself - Destination Branch, Repository, Source Branch and State (merged, closed etc). Useful to be able to drill down on where time is passing while a PR is open.

The other options, prefixed "Ticket", are pulling in the fields for related tickets that are referenced in the commits related to the PRs (or in the PRs themselves). For further detail see Commits without a Ticket Reference.

So where ticket linking is in place you'll be able to gain unique perspectives of commits based on attributes like Issue Type, Epic Link or Fix Version etc.

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