In addition to the standard organisation-wide workspace (that includes by default all available data sources in Plandek), your company will have a number of workspaces possibly across a number of different categories.

In our example below, we have individual teams, and also a 'programme' level where the teams are mapped.

Once in a given workspace, you can see how it is built by navigating to the workspace settings on the left hand side. The example below shows that it is made up of boards from a ticket workflow system such as Jira or Azure DevOps. Team 1 has Build Pipelines, such as Jenkins, and a code repository such as GitHub, GitLab. This workspace will combine the information to allow you to generate the metrics that you wish to view across the data.

Understanding your top-level workspace

Within your organisation-wide workspace you can breakdown by any of the defined workspace categories within any of our metrics. This will allow you to dig a little deeper into your top-level numbers and start to see which areas are contributing to various trends you see.

Make a workspace your favourite for easy navigation

Within a given workspace or when viewing all your available workspaces, you can favourite a workspace by hovering over the workspace name and clicking the star.

Then when signing in or navigating to, you will be taken straight to your current 'favourite' workspace.

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