Percentage of code commits made to any branch that does not have a related ticket reference present in the commit. Specifically, Plandek will link to a ticket reference based in it being found in any of the below:

  • Commit message

  • Related Pull Request title

  • Related Pull Request description

  • Related Pull Request comments

Plandek will then cross-reference the ticket reference with the data gathered from your workflow management system (e.g. Jira) to validate that the ticket is genuine. Once validated, the commit will then be considered as linked to a ticket.

Note: If the commit refers to a ticket that is on a board (or in an area) from which Plandek is not gathering data, we will not be able to verify the ticket and therefore the commit will be considered as unlinked.

Based on the date of commit the default over time chart (below) plots this percentage based on your date range selection. Breakdown/Filter options include Committer and Repository.

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