Created tickets will plot the number of tickets created over your given time period. Incredibly simple out of the box, but using our metric settings you'll be able to create some fundamental views to help baseline your teams.

Example Use Cases

Escaped Bugs by Priority

Metric Settings

Unit of Measurement

The first choice you have when configuring this metric is the unit of measurement you wish to use. The standard choices are Tickets and Story Points, but Plandek can be configured allow you to aggregate any numeric field within your ticketing system (e.g. Jira, ADO etc). Below you will see the custom field we have created called Value Points.


From the Filters drop down, select the area you'd like to filter and then the values to filter (below we've shown an example of an Issue Type filter to show Bugs, and then further filtered to only show the top two Priorities available)


Next, choose how you'd like the data broken down in the UI. You can choose to view these breakdowns by any of the standard or custom fields from Jira. If you cannot see a custom field and you are an admin user, then you can add this by going to the Plandek admin section > Data Connections > Jira settings (3 dots on right hand side of your Jira connection) > Custom fields. Alternatively ask an admin user to do this for you.

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