Ticket Flow & Story Points Flow are two of the most powerful metrics in the Plandek platform. It enables you to track how a release, sprint, project or some other defined scope of work is progressing over time, highlighting any potential risks like delays or bottlenecks in your delivery. It's similar to a Cumulative Flow in some ways, but provides a breakdown at a weekly or daily level so you can pinpoint exactly where things may be going off course.

The metric is calculated by taking a snapshot of the status of the various tickets at the end of each Day/Week/Month (depending on the time granularity you select in the Date Picker).

Here are 3 great examples of how Ticket/Story Points Flow can be adapted into specific critical metrics at the heart of your delivery (but you can apply this metric in many more ways that are relevant for how you deliver):

Sprint Flow - see a daily breakdown of how your work progresses over the sprint

Release/Fix Version Flow - track progress against a specific release or fix version

Backlog Health - focus on your pre-development statuses to understand the general health of your backlog

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