Ticket/Story Points Flow can be used to focus on your pre-development statuses to understand the general health of the backlog and how long the runway for delivery currently is.

Backlog Health showing story points moving from Open -> To Be Refined -> To Do

To set up Ticket/Story Points Flow to understand Backlog Health, follow these steps:

1) Click add a metric in the top right by the date picker. Under Delivery, select Ticket Flow or Story Points Flow and add it to your dashboard.

2) Once it's on your dashboard, open the metric by clicking Explore, and then go into the metric settings (the little gear icon ⚙️ in the top right).

3) You will need to use the Filters to apply the right view of data. You want to choose "Status" and then select the specific values that relate to your backlog. ie. before development starts.

4) Click Save and you will see the chart refreshes reflecting your filtered statuses.

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