Pull requests are at the heart of software development, and this metric allows you to gain key insight into your team's behaviour around this practice.

Using an array of fields in our breakdown and filter options this metric can be fully configured to show a range of different perspectives. Below is a small selection of the options available:


The individual who created the PR. Useful to filter down to a specific individual or individuals across many repos.


Any individual who took action on the PR (not including the Author). Great way to see who are the go to team members for reviews.


Allows you to see how Code Cycle Time compares across repos and if PRs in particular repos take longer than others.

Ticket Issue Type

Based on ticket reference linking, you can gain a unique perspective on this metric based on any Ticket related field you have configured. In this case, you would be able to understand code cycle time based on the related ticket being a Story or Bug etc.


Count by Author

Here we have a breakdown by Author and using a Stacked Bar chart over time we can see the volume per week of created PRs per Author and the total across the entire team.

Scatter chart by Repo

Using the scatter chart option (PULL REQUESTS) on the By Repository breakdown we can see the distribution of created PRs over time, but also by the number of inserted lines (y-axis). This view starts to flag some of the larger PRs being merged to your codebase and the repos they are affecting.

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