The base data for this metric is all Completed Tickets during your selected time range. We then look at all related commits (based on ticket reference) and the files changed as part of those commits and therefore affected by those tickets.

Breakdowns available


Using a Treemap visualisation Plandek will show which parts of your codebase have been changed based on the number of completed tickets. The more tickets affecting a folder or file, then the larger the area in the diagram.

All folders can be explored allowing you to drill down through your codebase structure. A breadcrumb trail is always available in the top left above the diagram so you can easily navigate back as needed.


By using the Top 10 Files view you are able to cut across your full codebase (ie. all repos) and understand the absolute top 10 changed files.

Within the metric settings, you are also able to filter your data allowing you to find out the top 10 changed files within a specific Repository or given a list of specific File Extensions. Also available as filters are a full list of Ticket fields allowing you to understand the files affected by a certain type of tickets - perhaps where the issue type is a 'bug' or where a particular label is used.

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