Within the following metrics you are able to specify the Unit of Measurement (i.e. the value that will be aggregated to provide the metric):

Sprint Completion Metrics

Sprint End vs Completed Date

Within the calculation settings, there is also an option to choose the sprint date field that represents the finish of your sprints. The End date is the original planned finish date, whereas the Completed date is the actual finish of the sprint when Complete Sprint is clicked in Jira.

For ticket data from Azure DevOps, this setting will make no difference to the data as only one 'finish' date exists.

The default value used when adding this metric to a dashboard will be based on an organisation-wide setting that is in place for your instance of Plandek. If you want to know more, please contact us.


The below sprint is started, with the End date set to 20th April 2021 08:53 (the time is used in our calculation).

On the day of the 20th April the team still have 5 final tickets to finish and move to Done. They complete these in the morning, and at 2pm the Scrum Master clicks Complete Sprint. The Completed Date is now set to 20th April 2021 14:00. Within Plandek when End Date is selected the 5 final tickets will show as Incomplete, but when Completed Date is selected the 5 final tickets will show as Complete (for the given sprint).

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