If your organisation has multiple Jira / Azure workflows (some common themes are Design, In Progress and Test), you can make your metrics simpler and neater to view by grouping them using the Status Group and Status Mapping sections.

Step 1 - Create the Status Groups

Click on Status Group and click on Create a Status Group. Add as many as you need and ensure you have ordered these are per your SDLC. You can change the order easily by clicking on the 6 dots icon on the right of your status group and dragging it up or down. Remember to click Save Changes before leaving the section.

Here's an example of what your Status Groups might look like:

Step 2 - Map your statuses

You will see your Global Settings which captures all statuses from all workflows

Click the pencil icon on the right to edit and you will see all statuses displayed in the unmapped box and all of your status groups from Step 1 underneath (the screen shot below only shows two of the groups as an example)

Simply then drag your statuses from unmapped to a status group by hovering over each status, click and drag.

There is an ignored group at the bottom as standard. Any status dragging into this group will be ignored in the metrics. Once finished remember to click Save Changes.

Lastly there is a board override function which allows you to set a different set of mappings for a particular board that is different to the global settings.

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