If you are an Admin user of Plandek, you now have the ability to create and manage user accounts and permissions without having to send a request to the support team.

Please note, if you use Single Sign On (SSO) then this feature is not available. Please contact us in the usual way through the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen to update permissions.

Click User management under Admin settings and add a new user to your dashboards by clicking invite a user in the top right corner.

Add user - Invite a colleague to Plandek by simply providing a name, email and role. We'll send them an invite link to complete the process:

  1. Admin - Global Admin rights (access to user management, data connections, subscription, status mapping and groups, workspaces, dashboards and metrics).

  2. Manager - Access to create and manage workspaces, dashboards and metrics within the application. Does not have global admin rights.

  3. Viewer - Access to view workspaces, dashboards and metrics, but the user cannot edit these.

We always recommend users have at least Manager access to encourage interrogation of the data and the ability to create new dashboards and play around with the metrics.

Delete user - Delete a user that no longer needs access to Plandek.

Update user - You can change the role of a user by simply selecting a new role from the available list in the dropdown. The permissions will update automatically.

Alternatively you can watch this short video to see how it's done!

If you have any feedback or questions about this feature, please get in touch using the chat icon in the bottom right of this screen.

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