This guide will take you through the first few steps of the Plandek onboarding process. Click on the links below to follow the steps or you can watch a quick video to see how it is done! 🤓

We welcome your feedback as always so please use the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email us at with any comments or suggestions!



Link & Video

Create Workspaces

Learn how to organise your data so various team members have their own space to explore the insights we offer

Click here

Dashboards & Templates

How to create a dashboard for your metrics and make use of templates

Click here

Configure your metrics

Learn how to configure your metrics so your can discover far more insights

Click here

Set up and manage the integration with your tools

How to add/remove data connections and mange the data that's brought into Plandek

Click here

Invite your colleagues

How to add/remove your colleagues and manage permissions

Click here

Admin User Guide

Details the different features available for admin users

Click here

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