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Complexity (Action Item)
A higher number of files changed or developers working on a piece of work usually indicates complexity for a team. Equally, changes that happen across multiple repositories may also indicate work that's more complex than normal. LiveView will automatically highlight tickets that go above the normal threshold for your team.

Delivery Time (Action Item)

Wouldn't it be great to just be told when something is wrong? This action item highlights any ticket that spends more time in a status than normal. It does this by looking at your historical data and calculates the average time a ticket spends in a status. If the ticket in question exceeds this then the ticket will be flagged with this action item.

Code Cycle Time (Action Item)

Similar to Delivery Time above this action item highlights Pull Request that spends more time in a particular stage in the process. For example, LiveView will automatically flag Pull Requests that have spent longer than normal in review, allowing you and the team to focus on the Pull Requests that might need additional attention.

Added Work / Change to Sprint Scope (Action Item)

Unplanned work can be a big concern or even a blocker so this action item flags when things have surprisingly made their way into your sprint, which allows Team Leads to be more proactive when addressing issues.


How are thresholds calculated?

Thresholds are calculated based on the 90% for the workspace you are looking at based on issue type and story points.


The threshold for a user story of 3 points is calculated based on all user stories of 3 points in that workspace and the threshold value is anything equal to or greater than the P90.

What happens if we don't use story points on certain issue types?

If you don't use story points at all or only on certain types of tickets, we will calculate the thresholds based on the issue type alone.

What happens if we don't have enough data in our workspace?

When there isn't a huge amount of data in a workspace we'll still be able to create thresholds for you but obviously more data will provide a richer set of action items. We've got some ideas about how we might develop this going forward so If you'd like to get involved in that then please let us know...

What happens if we think there's a good feature missing?

Get in touch! We pride ourselves on building features based on our users and so we're always looking for feedback into the Product.

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