LiveView allows you to track your progress by using three straightforward buckets: Done, In progress, and To do.

By default, Plandek will use the status categories directly from Jira. However, we know each team works differently, so we are offering users with the appropriate permissions (Admins and Managers) to customise these buckets so that they can benefit from the most accurate data.

Mapping your statuses across the three buckets helps you get a better understanding of how your work is progressing in a transparent and easy to do manner.

Here is how the internal Plandek teams customised their LiveView progress buckets- feel free to arrange your statuses as it makes most sense to your workflow.

  • Done: all statuses that imply a resolution or completion, regardless of feature flags.

  • In progress: all statuses that imply active work on a ticket, as well as transitions between phases (e.g. Awaiting QA). Statuses such as "In Requirements Gathering" is not an active progress status.

  • To do: all statuses that imply active work has not started on a ticket (e.g. Awaiting Dev)

If you want to adjust your statuses on LiveView, simply drag and drop the statuses into their corresponding category. If you don't have enough permissions to do so, the statuses will be disabled and you will have to reach out to your Plandek administrator.

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